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ASP.NET Final Project

ASP.NET Final Project

As a student at a local community college, I had the opportunity to put my ASP.NET skills to the test with the design of a webiste and database. I chose to create a website based on fictional event called ARTSfestival. The website included an index page, artist registration page, participating artists page, volunteer page and contact us page.

Final Project Requirements:

  • The creation of a website that includes both the capture and the presentation of data.
  • The design of a database to store data collected from the web. Use database to save information.
  • The database should be suitable for your website's goal, and should have at least 4 columns plus a primary key column. The primary key should be auto indexed.
  • A HTML form to capture and validate all entered data using validation controls.
  • A query of the database to retrieve, edit and insert; then present data (or a subset of the data) collected.
  • Use master pages.
  • Minimum of five pages.
  • Bonus: Add a column to the database that holds the hyperlink to an image uploaded by the user. Images must be validated as a required field and saved in a designated folder. Although not required, I also chose to validate the file uploaded had an image file extension of .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .gif.

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