About me
Heather Taylor

Heather Taylor

Designer + Developer Unicorn

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Since you’re here, let’s talk about me. I am a Graphic Designer that has taken the plunge into the world of web development. I recently completed my certificate in Web Programming from Sinclair Community College where I learned the basics of C++, HTML and CSS, Databases, ASP.NET and Java.

I am a uniquely balanced right brain / left brain person. The colorful, intuitive, creative side of me finds expression in my work as a graphic designer. The logical, organized, analytical side of me has found an outlet in web development.

As an aspiring Web Developer, I seek to learn more! Writing clean code is just as important to me as creating visually appealing designs. I spend my days as an Apprentice Web Developer at Sparkbox soaking in as much information as I can. I'm also an active member of Girl Develop It - Dayton, Dayton Web Developers and UX Dayton. Follow my work on GitHub as I continue to learn and grow.